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Life-long Wellness

Heritage Family Health exists to provide compassionate medical care to the community. We believe that health is more than just the absence of illness. It includes physical, emotional, social, and spiritual wellness. Our doctors and staff want to manage and prevent disease within these dimensions so that all our patients can live well over their life span.

Our Services

• General men & women's health
• Well-child visits
• Immunizations
• Work/school/CDL exams
• Weight loss
• Home visits
• Minor ambulatory procedures
• In-office lab draws

• Chronic disease management
• Laceration repair
• Newborn circumcisions
• Ear flushing
• Hearing testing
• Acute care
• In-office EKGs & Holter Monitors
• Rapid strep/flu/RSV/lyme testing

We understand the struggle to lose weight. It is a complex process that entails much more than “eat less” and “exercise more.” Our physicians utilize a low-calorie-diet (LCD) model which puts one's body into a controlled-calorie deficit which enables patients to lose a significant amount of weight and keep that weight off.  
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Weight Loss Support

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If you are a current patient, you can securely access your personal medical information or communicate with doctors and staff from the Patient Portal.  

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