Heritage House Calls

A helping hand in the comfort of home

Heritage House Calls, LLC is a home-care agency which provides supportive in‐home services to local senior residents. Our services enable seniors to affordably and independently age in place. Heritage House Calls, LLC also supports caregivers and provides respite for those tending to aging individuals.

Allowing seniors to age at home creates several benefits for individuals and caregivers alike. Senior home care allows individuals to remain independent and in a familiar setting . Living comfortably within their own home reduces stress levels. At-home care is also an affordable alternative to nursing or retirement homes. It enables seniors to retain their personal financial assets as well as their homes. 

Home healthcare services promotes socialization for seniors who often become isolated during this period of life. Senior home care staff come to know their clients well. Aging individuals are able to form bonds and foster friendships with the caregivers they see on a regular basis, as opposed to a rotating staff at a nursing home. This kind of connection also allows staff to customize their care for the individual. The aging individual is seen and cared for in a personalized way.

Waiting to Care for You

We offer 4 levels of senior care to meet any individual needs, with our base rate starting at $18.00 per hour. To learn more about the compassionate, certified care we provide, contact our office at (717) 949‐4132 or email info@heritagehousecalls.org.