The purpose of Heritage Family Health is to provide family medicine services to the local community.  Our focus is on health and wellness, including preventative medicine services.  This includes a weight-loss program combining low-calorie nutriceuticals, exercise, good food choices, and prescription medication.  We provide routine newborn and pediatric care, including a full spectrum of immunizations.  Our experience and certification in long-term care medicine gives us a uniquely competitive edge in the care of geriatric patients.  We also deal with minor emergencies and manage a wide spectrum of chronic disease states.  We believe in professionalism par excellence, so we will always remain full board-certified and credentialed in any way possible.

We have chosen the name “Heritage” for several reasons.  First, the modern medical practitioner is keenly aware of standing in a long line of tradition and on the shoulders of medical giants of bygone eras.  Second, after having traversed the globe in our medical training, we chose to come back home to native Pennsylvania and practice among the Pennsylvania Dutch and Anabaptist peoples.  Who we are today is intricately connected to this cultural and spiritual heritage, and we have a deep sense of gratitude and indebtedness to our heritage.  Finally, while heritage harks back to the past, it also projects a vision to the future.  We seek to blend these two in a redemptive engagement with the present.

Our goal is to provide family health care in a setting unlike any other in the community.  Our office is located on the physical grounds of our home, which is a historic circa 1825 homestead.  The office is in a renovated 100-year old barn, which once functioned as a chicken house and butcher shop and more recently a machine sales and service establishment.  Its original interior structure has been preserved as much as possible under the craftsmanship of J.E. Horst Building and Remodeling of Newmanstown.

Colonial America was known for its hospitable inns – often called taverns in those days.  An inn was a place where a weary traveler could stop over and find rest and refreshment of body and soul.  We no longer need to endure the hardships of early American life, but we have traded this simpler time for unnecessarily hectic lives and schedules which militate against rest and refreshment.  Because of these, many find themselves plagued with physical maladies which are most likely rooted in emotional, spiritual, or social stressors.

In the spirit of the Good Samaritan from Luke 10 who brought his wounded and vulnerable friend to “an inn” for healing and refreshment, we seek to provide an alternative to modern society’s hectic lifestyle in a place of quiet tranquility known as The Doctor’s Inn.


The Yeagers met in 1989 at a summer school for teachers.  Joel taught high school at church schools in both Schaefferstown and Shippensburg.  LuAnne taught 1st grade at Berea Christian School in Harrisonburg, VA.  They began dating several years later when Joel was in his second year of pre-med studies.  LuAnne didn’t readily warm up to the idea of being married to a doctor, but Joel was able to woo her despite her hesitation.  They married in January of 1993.

Thus began an extraordinary story of divinely orchestrated events.  Joel completed his premedical studies at James Madison University while LuAnne continued teaching.  A gap year prior to medical school provided opportunity for Joel to complete a master’s degree in biblical counseling in 1997 at Colorado Christian University just outside Denver.

Later that year, the Yeagers moved to Cambridge, England, where Joel was enrolled in Kigezi International School of Medicine.  LuAnne had no idea what she was going to be doing for the five years of his training, but an unexpected invitation from the dean of the medical school opened the door for LuAnne to join him in his studies despite the fact that she had never gone to college! The three years of book study in Cambridge were followed by two years of clinical rotations which took them to Scotland, New York City, Canterbury, London, Uganda, Tulsa, Seattle, and finally back to Cambridge for their graduation in 2002.

At this point the Yeagers moved home to their native state of Pennsylvania.  They completed a 3-year residency program in family and community medicine at Penn State Hershey and Good Samaritan Hospital, and then worked together at Stone Ridge Family Medicine for four years.  At the beginning of 2011, a tapestry of events was divinely woven together to bring to fruition a long-standing dream – the opening of their own family medicine office in rural Pennsylvania.


“Modern medicine with an old-fashioned touch”


Heritage Family Health exists as a cash-only practice to provide a “medical home” to the local community, set within a context of compassionate Christian care which utilizes the biopsychosociospiritual model.


We believe that all people are created in the image of God (imago dei), and as such have inherent dignity and sanctity.  We believe that health is defined as a holistic balance between physical, emotional, relational, and spiritual factors, and not just the absence of illness.  We believe that family medicine provides an unparalleled opportunity for us as Christians to lift drooping hands, strengthen weak knees, and make straight paths “so that what is lame may not be put out of joint but rather be healed” (Hebrew 12:12-13, ESV).


Holistic Care

We focus on the total person – body, mind, and spirit.


We strive for the best in service and care.


The Doctor’s Inn has been designed to invite your soul to rest.


Transparency and honesty are guiding principles.


We seek to restore the historic covenant of trust between physician and patient.


Our cash-only model makes medicine uniquely affordable.


Every day is a gift from God.


We attempt to walk in your shoes.


In addition to the above, we are committed to the six published aims of the 2004 Future of Family Medicine: to provide safe, effective, patient-centered, timely, efficient, and equitable medical care to all our patients at Heritage Family Health.

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