This book had its genesis in a 10-page letter to Pennsylvania's Governor Wolf in late April 2020.  Dr. Yeager had the opportunity to participate in the Second Opinion Project over Memorial Day weekend. This was organized by the Tea Party Patriots and involved about 100 independent physician interviews highlighting the devastating effects the Covid-19 lockdowns were having on society in general. Dr. Yeager contributed two chapters to this five-chapter book. One chapter addresses Covid-19 facts and myths, including the myths of universal mask-wearing and asymptomatic spread. His second chapter addresses "a cure worse than the disease," and includes four (medical, emotional, economic, and spiritual) iatrogenicides or something we brought on ourselves. It was published in October 2020.

Click here for Part 1 (11/21/20) Iron Sharpens Iron radio interview with Chris Arnzen and the authors of this book. Click here for Part 2 follow-up interview on 1/19/21.

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Coronavirus and the Leadership of the Christian Church: A Sacred Trust Broken

America's insurance-driven healthcare system is a mess. It's a cause of frustration to both patients who can't afford care and physicians who are overloaded by bureaucracy. After experiencing near-burnout early in his professional career, Dr. Yeager embarked on a vintage model of healthcare which eliminates third-party payors and returns medicine to the historic covenant of trust between patient and physician. Using vignettes from his primary care practice, he outlines a model which is far simpler and cheaper than it might appear. Transforming Healthcare Together provides a historical overview as well as an analysis of our current crisis and outlines a faith-based cooperative partnership between physicians, patients, and pastors.

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Transforming Healthcare Together

PPE is not a major part of our office's policy, Why, you might ask?! Click here for an explanation from the Doctors Yeager.

If you're not interested in buying or reading the entire Coronavirus book above, you may read two excerpts from Dr. Yeager here regarding masks. This article shows 12 graphs which show that mask mandates do nothing to stop the spread of Covid. This study of 6024 adults in Denmark published in the Annals of Internal Medicine (18 Nov 2020) showed that mask-wearing in the general public made no significant difference in SARS-CoV-2 infection in maskers (1.8%) vs. non-maskers (2.1%).

But the problem with masks is not just medical. One of C.S. Lewis' lesser-known works was a novel entitled Till We Have Faces. In his masterful essay "Till We Have Faces Covered" from the Nov/Dec 2020 journal Touchstone, Devin O'Donnell writes that "covering the face, then, is to obscure the loudest and most communicative aspect of the image of God."

In her essay "Masks Are Another Way to Control Society Through Isolation," Stella Morabito also picks up on the Lewis theme above and additionally argues that masks "are isolating because facelessness is isolating."

It's important to understand that as of early 2021, the available vaccines are experimental in nature. We urge you to read this White Paper on Experimental Vaccines for Covid-19, developed by America's Frontline Doctors (AFLDS). Neither they nor Heritage Family Health are anti-vaccine per se, but we do endorse and share their concerns and oppose businesses or employers making the vaccine mandatory.

This video from the World Doctors Alliance outlines the problems associated with the current vaccine.

Click here for a copy of our vaccine policy.

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