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Joel E. Yeager, MD

Dr. Joel Eugene Yeager hails from Chambersburg, Pennsylvania. The youngest of four, he always felt inclined toward books and music. After graduating from Anchor Christian School in 1986, he spent five years teaching there. During that time, he wrestled with what felt like a “call” to medicine. Chorister assignments at church services and a summer Bible conference brought him into contact with Dr. Bob Webb, a Mennonite family physician from Indiana. Spending time in
Dr. Webb’s office convinced Dr. Joel of his calling to family medicine.

In the fall of 1991, he embarked on undergraduate studies at Shippensburg University. His calling to marriage and medicine intersected when he met LuAnne. After a spring courtship and fall proposal, they were married on January 2, 1993. In 1996, he graduated from James Madison University. An innate interest in the art of medicine combined with his mentoring by Dr. Webb led the newlyweds to Denver in the summer of 1996, where Dr. Joel did a one-year Master of Arts in Biblical Counseling at Colorado Christian University, a program developed by Dr. Larry Crabb and Dr. Dan Allender.

Dr. Joel’s time in Colorado brought him peace with the concept of moving overseas for five years to begin a program at Cambridge Overseas Medical Training Programme/Kigezi International School of Medicine. A whirlwind journey of studying medicine with LuAnne, both didactically and clinically, ensued. After graduating in May 2002, Dr. Joel spent 11 months as a counselor at Life Counseling in Lancaster County before completing a three-year family and community medicine residency at Penn State Hershey/Good Samaritan Hospital in the fall of 2006. With the help of a management team, he developed StoneRidge Family Medicine, serving with Dr. LuAnne from spring 2007 to early 2011. A providential series of events led them to their current practice at Heritage Family Health, PC. Their practice provides the basis for a model outlined in Dr. Joel’s 2018 book, Transforming Healthcare Together: A Model for Restoring the Covenant of Trust.

Dr. Joel comments often about how he loves what he does. His natural way of putting patients at ease in the office has caused confusion on occasion. Patients wonder whether he is the doctor or the pastor in the room! God blessed Dr. Joel with a heart dedicated to Truth—both in seeking and speaking it out. His passions outside of medicine include music, landscape photography, and Christian apologetics. 

LuAnne D. Yeager, MD

About the Yeagers

The Yeagers met in 1989 at a summer school for teachers. After their marriage in January of 1993, an extraordinary story of divinely-orchestrated events began unfolding. 

Joel completed his premedical studies at James Madison University while LuAnne continued teaching. A gap year prior to medical school provided opportunity for Joel to complete a master’s degree in biblical counseling in 1997 at Colorado Christian University just outside Denver. Later that year, the Yeagers moved to Cambridge, England, where Joel enrolled in Kigezi International School of Medicine. An unexpected invitation from the dean of the medical school opened the door for LuAnne to join Joel in his studies despite the fact that she never went to college! After three years of book study in Cambridge followed by two years of clinical rotations around the world, the Yeagers finally graduated in 2002.
At that point the Yeagers moved home to their native state of Pennsylvania. They completed a 3-year residency program in family and community medicine at Penn State Hershey and Good Samaritan Hospital. After working together at Stone Ridge Family Medicine for four years, a tapestry of events began to unfold. In 2011 they opened their own family medicine office in rural Pennsylvania. Learn more about this story in Dr. Yeager's Transforming Healthcare Together.

Dr. LuAnne Derstine Yeager lived in the Franconia area of Pennsylvania until her family moved to Harrisonburg, Virginia when she was nine. In 1988, she graduated from Berea Christian School, and while an aptitude test showed that she excelled in science, she chose instead to tend chickens on her father’s farm for two years until beginning a teaching career at Berea Christian School in 1990 that lasted for five years. 

Dr. LuAnne and Dr. Joel first met in the summer of 1989 at a summer course for teachers. They began dating in early spring of 1992. By July 4th of that year, Dr. LuAnne settled on marrying Dr. Joel if he should propose…which he did. They married in January 1993. In 1996, the couple transitioned to the foothills of the Rockies near Denver, Colorado, where Dr. LuAnne completed a first grade Learning to Read primer published by Christian Light Publications.
Nearly four years into marriage, they moved once more, this time to the United Kingdom where Dr. Joel began an international medical school program. Feeling totally clueless as to what she would do with her time, Dr. LuAnne felt shocked when, about a week into classes, the medical school dean invited her to “try the hat on” —in other words, join Dr. Joel in classes without an undergraduate degree! (This stunning story is related in more detail in Dr. Joel’s book, Transforming Healthcare Together.) Dr. LuAnne’s unanticipated entry into medical school is a God-story which completely re-directed the course of her life!

Thus began a five-year partnership of studying medicine together across the globe. Because no one from Kigezi International School of Medicine had ever applied for residency in Pennsylvania, the State Board of Medicine undertook a six-month review of the school before granting Dr. LuAnne a training license. Finally, in the summer of 2002, she began her three-year residency in family and community medicine at Penn State Hershey/Good Samaritan Hospital. From there, Dr. LuAnne practiced at Fredericksburg Community Health Center until she and Dr. Joel opened StoneRidge Family Medicine in Myerstown, where they practiced from 2007 to 2011 before moving to their current location at Heritage Family Health.

Dr. LuAnne sings regularly in the church choir at Westminster Presbyterian Church in Lancaster. Her hobbies include puzzle-making, memory work, quietness and solitude, and cooking and baking—where she tweaks a recipe at least six times before it is perfect.

About the Team

Our compassionate and dedicated staff treats all patients with dignity. We see each patient as a whole person, created by God, and worthy of attentive care. Our goal is to do more than just keep you healthy - we want to know you, serve you, and care for you.

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